Stock Management

Central Bearings specialise in the supply of industrial components to all manner of industries.

Over the years our customer base has significantly increased from year to year directly from the fact that we are always able to react and respond quickly and effectively to the requests and needs of our customers.

This attention to detail and fast acting responses enable our customers to have faith that the products or services they require will be in stock and available at Central Bearings warehouse.

Central Bearings are always supporting their clients in industry by providing their stock and product expertise on-site and effectively managing the stock of agreed, specified parts.

The benefits our customers will receive are;
  • If preferred, one order number raised for the year or month, which means less paper work and administration costs at your end
  • No longer having to waste money and time sourcing the best price
  • No longer having to manage stock, as regular checks and consignment stocks take care of this for you
  • Your maintenance team can spend more time on maintaining the plant instead of sourcing, procuring and managing stock
  • We can also work alongside your maintenance team to provide technical support and back-up to ensure that the parts are always available which in turn will minimise any downtime which lack of parts or support can cause
  • Consigned stock at customers premises, meaning you only pay for the goods as and when they are used
  • Reduction of delivery charges when the plant is broken down
We at Central Bearings are always at hand to provide answers to any questions raised by our customers.